Instagram: A love hate relationship

Instagram, one of the most popular social networking platforms for bloggers, businesses, models and photographers. You can reach out to millions of people worldwide with one photograph, amazing. But, I cant help but feel torn between loving Instagram and hating it.

I love to share things with people like ideas I have or things I like and I also like to see what other people like and love and gain ideas. However, it’s not all rainbows and daisies. It can be manipulated to another level you couldn’t even possibly imagine. Like any social media you can make your life look like one thing when really it is the complete opposite. In a society that has sky high percentages of teenage (and adult) depression and social anxiety you can’t help but think it is the root of the problem. For most, your feed is filled with unrealistic looking girls (or men) wearing things you can’t afford or going places you could only dream of. No wonder we are depressed. And to top it off, most of them get paid for it.

On the other hand, I suppose you could say it motivates people. There are many accounts out there that should be proud. They have created a living from Instagram and are living the life that most of us want. Most bloggers link it with there website and within minutes they have widened their audience by using one picture (which is exactly what I’m about to do, not gonna lie). When I first opened my Instagram account I wasn’t so sure about it. I could never decided wether to keep it private or not. The thought of people stealing my pictures really got under my skin, and more so the thought of people seeing my pictures that I really didn’t want to see them. But, I like to take nice pictures and share them with more than just people that are linked to my Facebook.

Look, I suppose what I am saying is that I’m still on the fence. I see the argument for hating it and also loving it. But, I just can’t decide on which one I agree with more. How much pressure does Instagram put on you? A lot or none at all? Either way don’t take it too seriously (unless you’re making an absolute bomb from each and every picture you post).

Let me know your thoughts, and if you’re a lover you can follow I’m insta.

Love, Pamy xox

A Womens Struggle.


Hello Strangers!

I can’t believe its been so long since I last posted anything on here. I stumbled across it when I was on the laptop and forgot how much work I have put into my blog and felt incredibly sad. Infact, I think I neglected it because I worried too much about what others thought of me.

Anyway, a lot has changed since I last posted. I have my own house with Ross and we have had two career changes. All for the better may I add. I had a thought recently and have been struggling for a little while now and wondered how many other women feel the same…

I am constantly torn between being an independent, successful business women and a comfortable, supportive, house proud wife to be. Instagram is one of the biggest reasons for this. Everyday I seen bloggers, business women and general successful women and I get a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. I want that. I constantly find myself goggling ‘how to make money from Instagram’ or ‘business ideas for women’ or ‘how I can feel equal to my significant other?!?!?!’

Over the years women have evolved into strong independent women and have proved that we don’t need no man to keep a roof over our heads or food in our tummy. So, why do I feel insignificant to him? I work 40 hours a week, I keep a house running and more than contribute to our household bills but deep down I feel that it is never enough.  I want to walk out that door every morning full off Sass knowing that I have built and started something myself. That I have created something that has given us the life we have. Am I being realistic?

I still haven’t found an idea, yet! I suppose I will keep going and keep telling myself that I am doing all I can and that is more than enough. I don’t want his success to carry me through life, providing me with things that I want to provide myself with. I am in constant turmoil and I hope I am not alone.

My new career definitely has the possibility for me to really strive and push myself to the point in life where I have a more than respectable income. But there I go again, constantly bringing it back round to money. Does it really matter how much your pay packet is? Shouldn’t it be about how happy you are and as long as you have your essentials then your basically winning at life?? Money doesn’t make you happy obviously but it sure does make life a little bit easier!

Arrrrggggghhhhh! Will this ever end?!?!!!

Please Send Help.


Love, Pamy xox

The Reality Of Blogging 

Hi all! It’s Monday & I’ve decided to try and give you some Monday motivation. When you think of someone being a blogger, I think you automatically assume that they lead an amazingly easy and wealthy life – not true. Blogging is so much harder than anyone can imagine and not many stick at it (including me). 

I started my blog in 2014 with massive expectations of having loads of followers & pages views. I looked up to people like Zoella & Niomi Smart, but looking back now I was incredibly naive. I think i thought you could be a well loved blogger over night and that just isn’t possible. I stuck at it for a few months trying to post on a regular basis. The more I wrote about, the less motivated I became. I wasn’t getting load of likes and comments and it made me feel like I was doing a rubbish job! I no longer could think of things to blog about and felt like I just wasn’t good enough! Turns out, you can write about ANYTHING and there will always be someone willing to have a read at it. In the end, I gave up. 

I continued with my degree and got on with life, until the start of this year. I hadn’t blogged in about 9 months and I was feeling at a bit of a low point in life. I had left university and got my first full time job. I had became an adult. I would go on Instagram everyday and see all these lovely girls on Instagram posting about their latest posts desperately wanting to be the same. Eventually, I thought ‘who cares’ & logged back on. I didn’t care if I got 1 view a day or 100 views.. the point was that I enjoyed it. It’s a bit like a diary that I can look back on and remind myself what I enjoy in life. 

So, once again I’m back and trying to go with the flow! I actively use my Instagram & Twitter to promote my posts and I can see a massive difference already! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have loads of followers or views but I get some & that’s enough! Blogging takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make it work on a large scale. Some people make full time living wages from it, but they work long hours just as much as they would in a normal job.

However, you must note that Blogging isn’t for the faint hearted! There’s a lot of ups and downs on the Internet and you need to be a certain kind of person to deal with that (something I had to learn too). Also, there’s only a small majority of bloggers that make enough money each month to sustain a healthy life style. It’s not an overnight fix to fame & fortune. 

But on the other hand, the sky is your limit when it comes to blogging. You can take any subject you have a passion about and share it with the world. You control how much time & effort you put into it. You control what is displayed on your page. Blogging will allow you to demonstrate your knowledge and passion for something. I’ve always stuck by the saying “knowledge is power”.

Whatever you decide – Good luck! 

Love Pamy xox 

Friday Night is Pamper Night 

Hi all! It’s Friday and what better night of the week to chill out and have a little ‘me time’ . Being in a relationship, working full time or studying full time, whatever takes up your week, it’s time to let it go for a night. So, to kirk start the weekend I’ve decided to share my top tips to the ultimate pamper night!  

1. Bubble Bath

Every night should start with a bubble bath! If  your thinking “baths are so boring” well, I can’t exactly blame you! I’ve had many occasions where the idea of a big bubble bath is better than the reality. But, I have some tips to help! Try taking a book or listening to your headphones ( just don’t drop anything in the water!!! ). It’s amazing how time passes when you have something to preoccupy your mind. Next, you have to have the right bubble bath cream. If like me, you have a box full of bath accessories that you get for birthdays and Christmas then this is the time to use them! Sometimes I like some Soap & Glory or Radox & if I really want to treat myself I use my very precious Burberry Bath Cream!

2. Cleanse

After a long relaxing soak in the bath it’s time to take care of your skin! My favourite body butter at the minute is Soap & Glory. The smell is unbelievably good I can’t even describe it! I have a bad habit of often changing body butters but I don’t see that as a bad thing. It’s good to give your skin a bit change from time to time.

Once my skins smelling & looking good, it’s time to move onto my face. I’ve used Clarins for years and I swear by it. I’ve never had any bad reactions or breakouts while using it. Which, is a bit of a miracle considering my skin is overly sensitive. My main products are Clairns Hydro Quench Intense Serum, Hydro Quench Cream & Occasionaly some Tinted Mosituriser. I always feel so fresh after taking care of my face. Everytime I use these products I can see a difference straight away with the brightness and tone of my skin! Now, don’t fee you have to use these products. Any products similar will leave you feeling just as good!

3. De Stress

Get those comfy pjs out because now it’s time to de-stress and get rid of all those worries built up over the last week! First of all light your favourite candle. I go through so many candles because I feel they are one of the best calming methods. At the moment I am using New Looks Pomegrante Candle. It’s not over powering but it’s just enough for you to catch a scent every so often.

Once your atmosphere is set, pick a book / movie / CD or any other activity that you find mind chill you out. I’ve recently been using Adult Colouring books. I’ve always loved art and anything creative so this is a perfect method for me. But, sometimes I can’t really be bothered and spend the night painting my nails or watching a funny film! Whatever takes your fancy, make sure you shut off your phone and give yourself a break!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my top tips to a good old fashioned pamper night. Now go and try it for yourself!

How do you like to relax at the weekends?

Love, Pamy xox

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A Trip To The Seaside

Hi All! It’s Monday again and the start of a long week. I seriously wish my life away by constantly wishing it was the weekend! I suppose when you have such fun on the weekend then there’s nothing wrong with wishing for more.

This weekend we jumped in the car, camera in hand and headed for the seaside. It was such a beautiful, clear and sunny (yes we have sun in Scotland!) day I just had to make the most of it. However, I will admit that it was outrageously cold but it definitely blew the cobwebs away. I managed to get some shots down near the waterfront before my eyes started to water so much I couldn’t look through the lens!


We started off down at that water front before walking into the town centre for Fish & Chips. Although the fish was so big it was more like a whale!! Then it was off for a drive to look at the house down by the golf course (Oh how I wish I had one). Ok, it might not have been the most adventurous day, but sometimes those are the best days. Just going about at your leisure enjoying life. Can someone give me a job where I can travel the world and take photos??

Anyway, here’s some of my favourite pictures of the day…


All my pictures can be found in My Gallery Page.

What did you all get upto on Valentines Day?

Lots of Love, Pamy xox